Road Show: Gold Coast-Ballina

Road Show is coming to an end for me and with that inexorable march to the finish line my thoughts are becoming more and more scattered.  I seem to be remembering everything in non-linear time so rather than try to explain everything that happened between the Gold Coast and Ballina it is probably better to give you a quick overview. At the Gold Coast we had a night of bowling and booze.  Tommy Dean on Appletinis beating everyone in all three games.  David Quirk pretending to do the splits after every good bowl.  Watching Lady Gaga clip after clip and then deciding that I quite like her, I even think she’s pretty funny.  I don’t know if that is a common held belief, I have never paid her that much attention before but after watching a stack of videos I think she’s pretty funny and therefore fun.

The next night, just before the show our tour manager Bridget decided that we should get our picture taken at a studio that would do us as cowboys, first settlers or gangsters.  We picked gangsters and anyone who goes to my Facebook page will be able to check out the pics.  The first one is a serious picture and the second one is our wacky photo. Of course our wacky photo is a lot darker than most people’s wacky photos but that is what happens when you get a bunch of comedians who have been on the road together letting out all their inhibitions.  And with some of our cast swapping genders for the photo it really is a sight to see.  We then turned up at the venue ten minutes before we were meant to start the show.  Yes, Bridget really did decide at the last minute but she’s the boss and I follow orders without question.

The next day we saw the new X Men movie at a cinema that was so difficult to find that when we were leaving the complex we found ourselves locked in the shopping centre it was a part of.   As we walked behind shop fronts and through tiny passages we wondered if we’d been trapped in an 80’s film and who would be the first of us to fall.  When security found us we were almost disappointed that he wasn’t a zombie that wanted to eat our brains.  Almost.

That night we played Celebrity Pot and through the power of ESP Bridget picked Karl Marx from my head on her first go.  I am not going to even bother explaining this, “You had to be there” moment but suffice to say everyone was impressed.  Everyone.

The next day Bridget, Dave Callan and I drove to Ballina with a CD chock full of disco tracks that made us feel a lot better about a lot of shit in the world.  Everything from Donna Summer and Barbra Streisand singing “Enough Is Enough” to Olivia Newton John belting out “Xanadu” to George Michael’s “Freedom 90”, this was a bopping car ride saturated in sweet beats and good old-fashioned girl power.

We met up with stage manager Flash Bang and Deanne Smith in Nimbin where we met a ferret on a leash who is called Storm when he’s awake and Coma when he’s asleep.   That pretty much sums up that part of the trip.  Much more happened but the psychedelic tale doesn’t need to be placed in digital ink for everyone to read.  I did drink some herbs from an old lady that was meant to clear up my cold but instead it either did nothing or made me infertile.  Either way: score!

Smart Casual and Sammy J met up with us in Ballina and like the Gold Coast the gig was a fun one.  I am no longer hosting having relinquished that job to Dave Callan who is one of the best.  I’m enjoying not hosting these last few gigs, it is nice to sit back and be able to watch the show from the front.

And now the final gig is tonight and apart from a brief trip to Adelaide to spend some time with my Mum for her birthday I will finally be home.  I am not certain what is next in my life.  There will be no gigs in Adelaide for at least the rest of the year, maybe one more trip to Brisbane and a week in Hobart for their Comedy Festival but otherwise I’m feeling like I might lay low for a while.  I guess I should start thinking about writing a new show but there are so many things I want to do and stand up is the least interesting of them all.

Then again I may just be tired.

One show to go and then that is it.

So don’t fuck it up Yamba!

Justin Hamilton


3rd of June, 2011