Road Show: Kununurra

I have a new friend. Her name is Dianne and she works for the Qantas Customer Service crew that help you find luggage that takes a holiday without you.  I ring Dianne and tell her what is happening and she traces where the luggage is.  We work out exactly how I am going to retrieve it in Kununurra after it failed to meet me in Broome.  Between some mildly unhelpful Qantas staff and the super helpful Dianne we work out the luggage should just go straight to Darwin and wait for me there.  She is beyond delightful and when I tell her she will be getting big ups in my blog she casually informs that her name is spelled with two n’s.  Nice one Dianne and a big hello if you’re reading this.

Without any stuff yet again I decide I will eat snacks and watch TV.  The apartment is beautiful with an amazing view of a picture perfect lake.  The weather is sublime, warm with little breeze and reminds me how lucky I am to be on the road away from the cold of Melbourne.  I may not have my luggage but I also don’t have the chills.  I open up the fridge and find no snacks.  Boo!

The line up for the show is David Williams, Deanne Smith, Sammy J and I.  This is the very first gig for Road Show in Kununurra and the word coming from certain members of the comedy community is that we will be performing on the back of a truck with 600 yokels barely paying us any attention as they will experience more joy in watching little Billy Bob lasso a three day old calf out of it’s mother’s moo moo area.  Even though I don’t believe the hype you can’t help but wonder what the gig will be like and feel a small amount of trepidation of the unknown.

Turns out that the gig is the highlight of the tour so far.

The show is held at The Hoochery, Western Australia’s oldest continuous distillery and is owned by Irene and Ray.  The venue is magnificent with an out door stage, 300 seats and purple and red lights giving the surrounding trees an unearthly glow.  We are told the tickets sold out in a flash and left many more clamouring for any chance to come to the show.  You can tell this is true as the audience is the best so far, collectively loving every second and up for any type of gag whether it be surreal, political, story telling or songs.  Young and old rock back and forth delighted by the talent on display.  When asked to join in with suggestions they shout funny and inventive ideas that in turn delight all the acts.  The show is a massive success and when we look up into the clear sky to see a full moon shining we realise we have experienced the type of night that will inspire us for years to come.  Or knowing comedians until the next shitty gig that makes us want to throw in the towel.

How nice were the people of Kununurra?  They never mentioned my unshaven, Qantas t-shirt, bohemian/bum get up.   And the rum is so delightful and smooth that to even suggest a cheeky polar bear might be hanging around trying to pick up chicks would be an insult.

Next stop:  Darwin!  Again!  Yes!

Justin Hamilton


17th of May, 2011