Road Show: Darwin

And here I was worried that my luggage wouldn’t turn up. Instead what I found when I opened my travel bag was a toiletries bag full of shampoo that had somehow opened up and vomited it’s contents all through my stuff.  This is exciting.  You get to go through every item and make a decision on what will survive and what won’t.  Toothbrush?  Seeya later.  Toothpaste?  Clean the outside and good as new.  Repeat with each item.

On the outside of the bag things are a little grimmer.  Two books full of notes for a new project are pretty much ruined.  I take them out, separate the pages and leave them to dry.  That way when I return to Melbourne I can see what I can salvage.  I’m remarkably calm when I do this.  In the end they’re just thoughts turned to words written down on paper.  I will have other thoughts at some point.  I have been feeling quite Zen in regards to work of late and this test has been passed.

The beautiful piece of irony is that the Qantas clothes I was given when our luggage didn’t arrive in Mount Isa has in fact soaked up most of the shampoo and saved my bag from further damage.  Apart from a healthy fructose fragrance escaping the bag you wouldn’t know anything bad has happened.

I place everything on the floor of my room and wipe down the bag, leaving it to dry.  My hotel room now looks like the scene of a crime where a mad man plans on bombing the city.  It somehow feels comfortable.

The show is fun even taking into account the homophobe who sits in the front row attempting to taunt Hannah Gadsby.  Hannah deals with it beautifully.  The guy has no idea how anachronistic he truly is and hopefully he will fade away into the history books with others of his ilk.  In the end he is a good reminder that there are still myopic idiots out there ruining it for the rest of us.  Hannah’s sexuality is inconsequential to me to such an extent that it took me a second to realise what the guy was being a douche about.   Equal understanding between the sexes, race and sexuality is still an ongoing process and because it isn’t an issue in my circle of friends doesn’t mean we should give up the good fight in the rest of the world.  I must pass out kudos to the rest of the Darwin crowd who were wonderful, especially one guy who after the show labelled the homophobe “a complete and utter tool”.  Here here!

The next day I do one of my favourite past times when on the road:  I go to the movies.  I saw Duncan Jones’ new movie "Source Code" with Jake Gyllenhaal and Michelle Monaghan.  It is a great movie, full of suspense and action and surprisingly some funny moments too.  Jake plays an officer who must jump back into a person’s body on a train that was blown up by a terrorist.  He has eight-minute intervals to work out who planted the bomb so he can tell his superiors and they can apprehend the villain of the piece.  I loved it.  Jones already scored big with me with his debut movie "Moon".  This is another step up and he is going to be a superstar director.   I will post a review of it after I have recorded a one for Botica’s Bunch but trust me:  it will be superlative and mildly gushy.

Now it is time to repack the bags and get ready for tonight’s gig.  We fly out straight after the show doing the red eye to Brisbane before our final show in Logan tomorrow night.  I look forward to exiting the plane, uncertain of where I am, groggy after restless slumber and the excitement of finding out what has gone wrong with my luggage this time.

Justin Hamilton


6th of May, 2011