Circular: The Beginning

Time to introduce my new show Circular. It is bang on a month away before the Melbourne International Comedy Festival begins and this year my show is a little different from previous productions.

In the past I have written shows that try to be a little bit different to what you see in my stand up comedy club gigs.  As an example “Purple Cows” featured crude chalk illustrations to reveal the imaginary world.  “Three Colours Hammo” told a story over three shows that could be viewed independently or watched as a whole to tell one maxi tale.  “The Killing Joke” was an internal battle played out externally and “Goodbye Ruby Tuesday” was a play exploring the relationship between the performer and the audience and the responsibilities inherent.  Finally last year’s show “Idiot Man Child” was peppered with adverts for the fake nightclub “Finger Knuckle”.

This year the show “Circular” comes with an app that has been designed specifically for your phone.  You can just type in “” onto your phone and it will take you there.  The material can be viewed before the show, during the show or after the show.  It is designed for easy access and allows me to expand on themes and stories within the new production.  You don’t have to check it before you see the show but you might like to.  Conversely if you want to look at it later that will inform what you've just seen.  Think of it this way:  when you read something on your computer you will sometimes be able to click on words that will open another page.  That page then expands on what you have been reading or watching.  Think of this the same way.  When watching the show I may talk about something without going in to too much detail.  You can open the app, click on the part that is relevant and that will give you more material and information.  I am basically a hyperlinked comedian!

Throughout the next two months I will be adding pieces to the show on my blog and this will also relate to the app.  Essentially you will be getting DVD extras for the show.  Do you have to join in online to enjoy “Circular”?  Not at all.  You can just see the show and that will be a complete tale.  This is designed for the fans that come to the festival shows every year and enjoy the Easter Eggs in my shows.  I know there have been people all over Australia who have been very excited when they realise why Calliope was given that name in “Three Colours Hammo”.  Or what the title “The Killing Joke” was referencing.  Or just had fun hypothesising what Ruby’s real name was in “Goodbye Ruby Tuesday”.

As a bonus I will be starting a competition at the beginning of the Melbourne Comedy Festival where people who join in online and see the show can win a prize.  More details to come in the next few weeks.

A big thank you to the team at Blaster-United who developed not only my app but also designed my website and the page for my new podcast “Can You Take This Photo Please?”  Make certain you click on the links to experience their work and check out their page too.  They’re great guys who not only bring my ideas to the fore but also know how to make them better than I ever could have imagined.

Until then have fun working out what it all means and we’ll see who gets the closest to the answering the questions I will be posing soon.  You can purchase tickets for the show here.   And keep an eye out for any blogs that are labeled “Circular” as they might just give away the answers you’ll be looking for.

Justin Hamilton

Fitzroy North

March 1st 2011