A Brief Interlude

It has been a strange old week. We’ve been buffeted by a major solar flare and there is still talk of more to come.  What this will do to communications and the technology we rely on is still up in the air.  Maybe the worst thing is flares will come back into fashion.

In the meantime everyone involved in the Nixon/young schoolgirl AFL scandal should hang his or her collective heads in shame.  From every section of the media to the school boy bully mentality of the AFL this great game has copped a black eye for their lack of empathy and morality, instead driven by the golden buck or their out of control egos.  I love the AFL so much I have announced a fatwa on the Herald Sun, the Age, all Footy shows and every radio show that had anything to do with this horrendous story.  Justify it any way you want but this is what the fact is:  a young girl was treated terribly by men who should know better.  No one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes but these errors were compounded by fear and a desire for salacious news.  Has she made mistakes?  Yes but maybe these all could have been overcome if someone, just one person had taken her aside and given her the love and the understanding we all craved as teenagers.  I wash my hands of every tainted soul who waded into this cesspit of deception and I will only watch the games because the game is the thing.  And follow Harry O’Brien who I am convinced is the one good cop in the bad town.

While this rubbish filled our screens our closest cousins and friends were dealing with the earthquake in Christchurch.  When boring stories about bad men fill our media it unfortunately takes true tragedy to remind us of what it means to be human.  We send money and our support to our friends in New Zealand and mourn their dead as if they were our own.  We’re all in this world together.  It is time we started to connect with our internal empathy instead of being governed by our needs and rampant desire for more.

I’ve reconnected with dear old friends in the last few months and the good vibes from that are overwhelming.  Sometimes friendships die through no one’s fault.  When that happens it is time to move on.  I have done this and it feels good, it opens up room for the people you still care about and love.  No longer am I spending time with people who just want and have nothing to give in return.  I recommend to any of you, if you have a friend you always cared about deeply and haven’t seen for a while, give them a call, drop them a line or get old school on their asses and pop over their house.  You’ll feel a million bucks for doing so.

I’m off to Adelaide for the weekend.  I will be making some appearances in the Garden and they’ll be some of my last gigs in Adelaide for the year.  In the meantime, if you’re attending my show at the Melbourne Comedy Festival; or at the very last thinking of doing so, I will be launching an app for the show next week and a competition that will run throughout March and April with a fun prize at the end.  More details will be unveiled early next week.

Until then be good to the good, be indifferent to the indifferent and tell anyone who has done you wrong that they can go fuck themselves.

With a hearty two fingered salute to boot!

Justin Hamilton

Fitzroy North

24th of February 2011