LA Law Part Six: Random Thoughts

My final week in Los Angeles has lead to me ruminating over way too many things to keep a blog to one topic so here are a few bits and pieces that have been running through my head of late. Australian ex pats:  I’ve consistently met two types of Australians living here.  Those that are laid back and happy to be plying whatever their trade is.  The other is the type that needs to give you a quick run down of their bios as they’re shaking your hand for the first time.  “Hey, my name is Jim, I’ve been living here for seven years, I’m doing really well, nearly a millionaire, I make tractors out of pieces of discarded M Night Shyamalan scripts, no children and I haven’t been back to Australia in such a long time, this is my wife Tricksey, she’s in porn, check this photo out, great breasts, anyway, what’s your name?”  What do you say to that?  “Hi, I’m Justin Hamilton, I’m just happy to be here.”  Yep, that seems about right.

The Sopranos:  I finally got around to watching the last couple of seasons.  I know I’ve been slow in getting back to it.  I know this is way out of date opinion but I thought the ending was fantastic.  And (turn away if you haven’t seen the end yet) I reckon Tony had to be shot at the end.  He had to be.  There’s proof throughout the final season this is how it is going to end.  I have more theories to back this up so if you come to the Melbourne Comedy Festival grab me after my show and we can discuss it over a drink.

Nolan snub: How Christopher Nolan can be overlooked yet again for best director at the Oscars is beyond me.  I’ve seen all of the movies nominated and while there are some good movies none of them are better than Inception.  And for everyone who keeps harping on about the acting being wooden I’d like to point out that I’m not upset that Nolan wasn’t nominated for best actor or actress.  I know!  Shocking isn’t it?  I personally don’t agree that the acting is wooden; I think the acting is subtle and perfect for the type of movie that Nolan set out to make.  We’re not saying the acting is the calibre of The King’s Speech but then I don’t think the King’s Speech is that inventive.  Sure, great movie but fuck me if it isn’t the Karate Kid with a stutter starring in a movie for grown ups.  I’m not holding it under the water because it didn’t introduce a Freudian subtext about men finding each other in pre World War Two England and saying Inception doesn’t have an acting performance the calibre of Daniel Day Lewis in My Left Foot is a boring and lazy accusation.  (Although imagine if Tom Hardy had played his character suffering from cerebral palsy.  Then all you dicks that think the movie lacks a grand acting performance would be complaining about how over the top it is!)  Inception is a heist movie set within the architecture of the mind full of Jungian imagery with an ending that is left open to interpretation while recalling the works of Jorge Luis Borges.  Oh…and it never forgot it was an action movie that still managed to be a mainstream success.  For those of you who disagree feel free to tweet/email me. I won’t write reply but I’m sure you’ll feel better.

Australian Open:  Nadal and Federer both out?  Looks like I picked the right time to miss the tennis.  I can’t stand Novak Djokovic or Andy Murray.  People are claiming that it is good for tennis to have the two best missing out for once.  While it may be a win for tennis it is a loss for those of us who dig charismatic athletes clashing in a final.  Instead I will celebrate Kim Clijsters for not only winning the Australian Open but she did so with grace, charm and a delightful smack down of Todd Woodbridge for all to see.  Sigh.  Why couldn’t we have kept her and shipped out Leyton?

Justin Hamilton

West Hollywood

29th of January, 2011