Buy the Ticket, Take the Ride

Hello you! I just wanted to take a quick moment to say thanks to 2010 for being an interesting and strange year full of many ups and downs and sideways adventures.  In retrospect it has felt like a year in which I have either said goodbye or began the process of saying goodbye to many aspects of my life.  I have a feeling this is going to continue for most of next year as well so by 2012 I’ll have a new dynamic that will either usher in a new golden period of creativity or leave me as the final survivor of a Mayan predicted catastrophe with only Jessica Simpson to keep me company.  Do I help re-populate the earth or do I run for the hills?  Only you can decide fateful reader!

Of course that will only happen if I survive this year’s New Years Eve celebrations.  I’m traveling with Wil Anderson and Lehmo into the heart of the desert or more precisely Las Vegas to celebrate our inability to grow old with dignity.  As we travel into the heart of bat country each of us will be on our own secret and personal journey into Mister Kurtz territory to learn dark secrets about each other and ourselves.  This of course will be completely forgotten by the time we get to the party that P Diddy is hosting that we not only have our names on the door for but have our own private table that we can sit at like old men marvelling at all the beautiful people making the night their own.  Then the following day when we should be hooked up to heart bum machines Tom Gleeson lands and we start it all again.  By the time Gleeson arrives I plan to be married to a hooker with a heart of gold and a brain of copper and if a small, naked Korean man doesn’t leap out of the boot of the car then we haven’t done it right at all.

I’ll speak to you again in the New Year.  In the first quarter of the year we will have news about my new show for the Melbourne Comedy Festival “Circular”, there should be some talk about my first novel and we’ll have more episodes of “Beautiful Tales for the Disenchanted”, opinions on scandals and other such malarkey.

Until then make certain that you have fun and if you do get fingered I hope it isn’t in a police line up.

Happy New Year!

Justin Hamilton

West Hollywood

30th of December, 2010