LA Law part three: Back in Training

I saw the movie “The Fighter” yesterday at a theatre in Hollywood.  It was the best cinema I’ve been in, comfortable and the clearest surround sound system I’ve experienced.  What do they do that is so much better than Australian cinemas? (especially the Nova Cinema!  Geez, what a shithole.  The amount of times I’ve been there and seen the first fifteen minutes projected onto the curtains rather than the screens.  Or watched a punter have to get up to close the door so the piercing white light of outside isn’t cutting into the cool dark of the theatre.  Or tried to buy a ticket only to have the dull eyes and slack jaws of the douches who work there stare back at me, trying to fathom why I have bothered them for something as demeaning as buying a movie ticket, completely ignoring the fact that they’re in a ticket booth that is there to, you guessed it, sell movie tickets.  I will only go to the Nova if a movie I’m desperate to see is being played there and nowhere else.  Otherwise those inner city hipsters can go and choke on their skinny jeans, Adam Bandt buttons and their rolled cigarettes.  But I digress…) So what did I love so much? The audience in the theatre.  The girls behind me were so into the movie they talked to the characters onscreen.  “Oh no girl, you deserve better than that?” said one lady to Amy Adams.  I am certain Amy couldn’t hear her but would have appreciated the support.  The people in front of me high fived when Mark Wahlberg won a fight in the middle of the story.  The guy next to me whispered through a megaphone to his girlfriend, “Christian Bale is really making up for yelling at that guy” which I am certain was a comment on the prowess of his acting in “The Fighter” and not his charity work outside of work hours.

You would think this would annoy me but what I loved was that there was not one comment made at a time that ruined the movie.  It was always in quiet moments when there was little dialogue to follow or at the end of a fist pumping moment that helped lay an exclamation mark on what I had just witnessed on the screen.  It was a delight to go into a movie where when you walked out you know hundreds of people really gave it a go.

In Australia when I attend movies with friends I can tell they’re ready to bring out the knives before they get into the cinema.  They’re waiting for that moment that will allow them to be ironic and therefore superior to anything they see.  I am not like that.  I go into every movie hoping for the best.  I have been the movie reviewer for Botica’s Bunch for three years now and yes; I have ragged on some movies  (The Last Airbender anyone?)  But I always attend with fingers crossed.  I also stay all the way to the end of a movie in the off chance that; no matter how terrible it was; there was something at the end that I could walk away from saying, “That finished well, didn’t it?”

I have friends who I adore but I will attempt to avoid seeing movies with at any cost, especially if I’m really into them.  One of my closest friends told me that he loved The Dark Knight but didn’t buy the final speech by Gary Oldman.  “No one talks like that, it just took me out of the movie,” he stated.  In that case you know what else should have taken you out of the movie?  The fact that some dude is dressing up as freaking bat and fighting crime!  I now only watch movies with him that I have a fair idea that they’re going to be a bit poo.  That way I don’t have to gnash my teeth when he says something that I disagree with.  Which also says a lot more about me than my innocent friend, right Gatesy?

When I return to Australia next year I’m going to see if this new style of watching movies will take off.  I can see it now:  sitting in the cinema, watching the latest Coen Brothers’ remake of "True Grit", speaking out loud to anyone within earshot, “This sure makes up for Jeff Bridges in Crazy Heart”, “You tell ‘em Matt Damon” and “Yes, shoot Josh Brolin for that Jonah Hex debacle” and people shaking my hand afterward to say, “You really made that such a better experience”.  Knowing my luck I’ll just get a pensioner complaining, “You really could have done less talking and asked someone to project the movie onto the screen.”

Damn you Nova Cinema!

Justin Hamilton

West Hollywood

13th of Decemeber 2010