Why the Doctor is Tops

I love the new Doctor Who for a number of reasons.

Firstly it is family entertainment, which means it has the potential to be seen by a broad spectrum of viewers.  There are so few shows we can watch with children, grandparents and other family members these days and most of them pander to the lowest common denominator neither challenging nor inspiring those who watch.  Dr Who is full of big ideas and break neck action that is thrilling, funny and scary all at the same time.  Check out the recent stone angels for (wait for it) rock solid proof!  Booyah!

Secondly I love that the Doctor forgoes weapons and does his best by out thinking his enemies.  In these modern times where irony is dripping from even the most basic of Generation Y and a society that equates dark with edgy it is a breath of fresh air to have a hero who is just smarter than everyone else.

Thirdly he loves the human race regardless of all our mistakes, real and imaginary.  He thrills to our potential and embraces our lust for life.  Unfashionable in most quarters but cool when expounded by a certain Time Lord.

Finally I love the new Doctor.  I think Matt Smith is a daring, aggressive, steampunk inspired choice and everything from his companions to his adventures has made me feel like a kid again.  This conversation from the latest episode sums up everything I adore about the Doctor.  (I am up to date with the UK, if you haven’t watched the latest episode then feel free to read this at a later date.)

So the bad guys are on their way.  We have no idea who they are but they’re coming up through the ground.  They’ve already kidnapped some other characters including the Doctor’s latest companion Amy.  (Boo!)  Of course the Doctor has a plan.  As he sets his plan into action a young boy approaches the Doctor.  His father has been taken and he’s uncertain about what is going to happen.  This is a part of their conversation that I just loved.

“Have you met monsters before?” asks the young boy.

“Yeah,” the Doctor answers.

“Are you scared of them?”

“No.  They’re scared of me.”

“Will you really get my Dad back?”

“No question.”

Every young child should know the Doctor.  He’s charming, funny, smart, erudite, slightly mad and scares away the monsters.

Justin Hamilton

Fitzroy North

23rd of May, 2010